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Welcome to Astute Investigations

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Providing truth and justice through high quality investigations, evidence gathering and reporting. Also offering personal protection and security services.

Our system of civil and criminal law guarantees access to the courts for all citizens, but it does not guarantee nor does it provide justice for all. An experienced investigator can develop facts and bring forth information that might not otherwise come to light and this can be the decisive factor in your behalf. The police do not have a requirement to protect you. As a dual licensee, we can handle both aspects of your needs, investigative and security. A security professional that you have hired will be fully committed to your welfare and in a manner designed to not generate negative legal actions

Astute Investigations provides you with experience

The Process

An investigator/security professional will meet with you for an initial consultation at no cost. If our services match your needs, we will review all relevant information in order to develop an investigation and/or security plan. Critical investigatory direction may be obtained by gap analysis, looking for facts and evidence that should be present but are not. We prefer to withhold judgment and not jump to conclusions that cannot be supported by the facts.


Progress reports will keep our clients informed without prejudice. After developing and processing all available facts and evidence, we will produce a final report, along with any supporting evidence or materials, for submission to the client. We are prepared to support our investigations with court room testimony.


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