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Lead Investigator/Security Professional

Ross Jernigan has over twenty years of law enforcement experience, and served in the U.S. Coast Guard as a security police officer and as a marine safety boarding officer.

As a police officer in both large and small cities, investigating a wide range of crimes from thefts to homicide, Ross has processed crime scenes, collected evidence, interviewed victims, witnesses and suspects, made felony and misdemeanor arrests, written detailed reports, prepared and executed search warrants and testified in court. As property and evidence officer, he received additional training and experience in the preservation of evidence and chain of custody. He has investigated traffic collisions, engaged in community crime prevention activities, conducted background investigations and trained junior officers.

As a private investigator, Ross has conducted civil and criminal investigations, written and served subpoenas, assisted in trial preparation and testified in superior court. In 2006 he was appointed by the Santa Cruz County Superior Court as the defense investigator in a Santa Cruz County homicide.

As a private patrol operator, Ross has provided personal protection to celebrities, corporate executives and ordinary people with personal protection concerns.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the truth should speak for itself. We consider every investigation to be unique, with its own set of facts. Pertinent facts are often overlooked as other investigators make unfounded assumptions. Bringing these new facts to bear can often change the entire complexion of a case and allow a more favorable outcome in court or avoid court altogether with a favorable settlement.

Raw evidence is professionally evaluated and then presented in a compelling format that cannot be easily dismissed.

New witnesses can be located and interviewed or existing witnesses re-interviewed in a manner designed to bring any additional information to light or to discredit non-consistent statements.

Incident locations can be located, evaluated, sketched, photographed and otherwise processed to provide maximum clarity and evidentiary value.

Everyone should have the right to feel safe. We can help you achieve that by personal protection, threat assessments, security surveys and on-site protection for activities such as hostile terminations.


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