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Our Privacy Policy

Astute Investigations is a private investigative and security services company. It is the nature of the business of a Consumer Reporting Agency that personal and sensitive information is gathered, formatted and disseminated to authorized parties. We recognize the sensitive nature of this information and take all reasonable steps to safeguard that information and to see to it that it is only disseminated to the authorized recipients. We only collect and use our information in accordance with local, state and federal statutes, and for specific, authorized purposes.

Sensitive personal information (e.g.: background investigation report) is packaged with a cover page marked "CONFIDENTIAL" and mailed or delivered only to the authorized recipient. If required, we will gather a signed notice of intended investigation and consent of the party to conduct it.

Work is conducted on a dedicated password protected computer, files are stored in locking filing cabinets, and these are all kept in a lockable office. Files are stored for up to seven years and then are destroyed by shredding.

Individuals may make reasonable requests to view personal information which this agency has collected concerning them and may request to update or correct information if they feel that there has been an error in the information collected. We will not honor requests to view information which is publicly available to any person. Nor will we be responsible for correcting that public information. Reasonable fees may be charged in providing this service to the consumer.

Requests can be made by the following means:

We will respond to this request within sixty days of initiation and upon satisfactory verification of the identity of the requestor. We refer any interested party to the Summary of Rights listed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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